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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Ledyard School Bus Drivers Unite

For Immediate Release | September 29, 2010

SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS RESPONSIBLE FOR “LEDYARD’S MOST PRECIOUS ASSETS” UNITE FOR A VOICE ON THE JOB | Employees of district transportation services contractor vote “Union Yes” to make economic improvements, assure safe and reliable services for local students and families Read more of this post

Can Poor Students with Parents who have no College Degree be Educated?

Today’s Hartford Courant’s article, “Town-by-Town SAT Scores,” emphasizes once again the gross disparity in the achievement gap in our state. The article, however, draws a “correlation” between the wealthy and the poor in a way that is quite troublesome: Read more of this post

Ludacris. Education Extremely Important in Music Business.

ATL star Ludacris in an MTV interview at recent a “Get Schooled” event talks about the importance of education in the music world, noting it is so much more than one’s talent, how well you sing, dance or act. And in the video below, how well you play sports.

“Education is extremely important, especially in my business, the music business,” Luda insisted at a Get Schooled event on Friday, where Keri Hilson and Read more of this post

Blacks Under-Achievement: Racism or Master Class in Victimhood


Were he white, the comments made by Dr. Tony Sewell, an activist for education reform in the UK and director of Generating Genius, a charity whose mission is to place more black young men in universities, would have been branded a right-wing racist. Read more of this post

Affordable Health Care Act is Working.

In the six months since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, we have been hard at work implementing the law and focusing on putting consumers ahead of insurance companies.

Already, millions of Americans are seeing the benefits: Read more of this post

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