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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Waiting for Superman. Riveting. Real. Raw.

On October 13 and 14, in New Haven and Hartford, 250 area residents in each town were the guests of Connecticut Black Alliance for Educational Options and their partner to see a pre-screening of the movie, “Waiting for Superman.” Guests consisted of parents, teachers, students, community leaders, clergy, elected officials and business owners, and just ordinary citizens. In each city, the pre-screening took place a day before the movie was opened to the public. Here’s what folks are saying thus far: Read more of this post

Pushout. The Underside of High School Dropout.

The film that has us all a buzz over the past couple of months is “Waiting for Superman.” There’s another group of film-makers producing films about the plight they face as high school students in an urban center.

Nestled the heart of distinguished institutions of higher learning that include Yale UniversityAlbertus Magnus,University of New Haven and Southern Connecticut State University are high school students with little hope of success stacked up against a mountain of failure-expectation. They began their own quest to encourage each other and tell their story,Youth Rights Media.

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Youth Rights Media

Spot light on New Haven CT’s transitional schools

One Nation March. Unity at its Best.

John Feehery (The Hill) wrote on October 4th, “Education as a wedge issue.” In the article, he references the maneuvers to fire Michelle Rhee, considered to be the last best hope for DC’s under-served students, especially African-American students. Clearly, as he explains it, education was used as a wedge.

And then there’s the One Nation Working Together march that brought unions, teachers, parents, clergy, business owners, students and a host of approximately 500 organizations and concerns that marched together and put education as a priority in this country: Read more of this post

Bill Gates Shares the Impact Teachers had on his Life and Career

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