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Who to Call? Superman? Iron Man?

Education Week’s author, Bill Costello, M.Ed, wrote in his article, “Superman’s Not Coming, Schools Need Iron Man:”


10.4.10 – Bill Costello, M.Ed – The new documentary “Waiting for Superman” currently playing in theaters around the nation explores the failures of American public education: it serves adults instead of kids, teachers’ unions impede progress, and teachers need better training.

However, the movie offers little in the way of solutions.

Perhaps what’s needed is a sequel that offers solutions for fixing American public education. The sequel would be titled “Becoming Iron Man.”

Solutions do not lie in passively waiting to be rescued by Superman—who is unlikely to show up—but in actively embracing concepts that Iron Man represents: the free market, the hard sciences, and creativity.

I have not seen the movie as yet; it is scheduled to come to my neck of the woods some time this month. So I cannot agree or disagree with Costello’s assessment that the “movie offers little in the way of solutions.” Maybe the movie is not meant to offer solutions. Maybe the movie is meant to put a spotlight on the issues, bringing even the most contentious of struggles out in the light of day for all of us to see. “Sunshine” has a way of cleaning and healing.

Solutions will ultimately come from all parties united in the determination to provide a first class education to our most precious resource, or children. That means unions, parents, teachers, students, clergy, business-owners small and large, community activists, elected officials; we cannot set a proper table by leaving anyone out.


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