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The power of our words can inspire change in a single person, then two, then the world.

DFE’s Joe Williams is Done Waiting!

The latest blog note from Democrats for Education’s Joe Williams starts out by saying:

I mean, seriously?

Oprah? Meet The Press? Matt Lauer and Obama talking hard-core, down and dirty ed reform on the Today Show? One hundred million dollars for Newark school reform from that Facebook dude? Education Nation? Front page of Time Magazine? Waiting for ‘Superman’????

One of the reasons I left daily newspapering five years ago was the frustration I felt that no one was talking about the tremendous challenges facing our nation (and its most vulnerable citizens) due to our unwillingness to make public education work better for children.

Our national code of silence (led in no small part by our collective fears of being called a big meanie if we dared to point out the obvious) meant that all of us were totally in on the big con that had become American public education. I wanted to be part of the massive effort to change that.

So what he talking about? This is our time. This is our moment. Just like we elected a President For Change, we have to seize this moment and carry the change over to our youth. Watch the movie and then sign up fro “Done Waiting.” That’s the next step.


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