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2 arrests in beating of 73-year-old crossing guard

I saw this incident on the news the other night and was shocked. My immediate thoughts called to mind a wonderful elderly man who is a school crossing guard in my neighborhood. In the winter, he sits in his car until students approach the cross walk. We wave to each other when I take my morning walk. I’m not the only one who share’s a warm greeting, a smile, a wave; neighbors driving by do likewise.

As I watched on television — someone caught the incident on video on their phone — my heart went out to the elder crossing guard in the video and I couldn’t ever imagine anyone doing something like that to our neighborhood crossing guard.

This highlights the problems we face with bullying starting at home:

Police have arrested two Michigan parents they say beat a 73-year-old school crossing guard after he tried to break up a fight between their son and another 7-year-old boy. … the boys were involved in an altercation at Lyons Elementary School on Wednesday … the next morning the parents drove to the area, let out their son and told him to beat the other boy. … Garcia says the couple’s 7-year-old punched the other child, knocking him to the ground. When the crossing guard intervened, Garcia says the couple attacked him.  More @ 2 arrests in beating of 73-year-old crossing guard – Connecticut Post.


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