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Gov. Malloy Tackles the States Education Funding System

I don’t think you can find anyone who doesn’t agree that our state’s way of school funding needs an overhaul — maybe bury it with the Hog River and start all over from scratch. I am delighted to see that Gov. Malloy is tackling the ECS system.


As mayor of Stamford, Dannel P. Malloy grew so frustrated seeing his wealthy neighbors get almost the same per-pupil education grants from the state as his city did that he joined a class-action lawsuit over the funding system.

As governor, he intends to change that system from within.

“There are two ways to do it: We could leave it up to the courts or we could take it up ourselves,” Malloy said in an interview with The Mirror. The current system, he says, “does a bad job of telling us where we should spend money.”

The state spends about $2.7 billion on primary, secondary and adult education each year. Malloy is calling for a fresh look at how the state spends almost $2 billion of that money dispersed for public schools through the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant, the largest single source of state support for public education to the state’s 169 towns, and about 10 percent of the state’s total budget. A former mayor plans to tackle state’s education aid formula | The Connecticut Mirror.


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