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Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

8,694 Spam Comments and Counting (via GroundUp)

I decided to reblog this post here because the spam comments are picking up. On GroundUp, I have well over 9000 spams captured by that wonderful spam catcher, Askimet.

Today, I noticed three spam comments flagged by Askimet on this blog that missed their “catcher.” All three comments were to different blog posts and had different email addresses but they all promoted the same website with the same URL address. The comments made no sense relative to the post they were commenting on.

But the real give-away — the computer IP address for all three comments was the same. So, I did what I do to the very few spams that Askimet doesn’t catch automatically. I changed the comment to reflect the blog post, deleted the website and email addresses and let her rip. I figure if someone goes through all that trouble to spam me, I should return the favor by spending at least a little time on a proper response.

When I first started using the Askimet spam filter, I thought, “Wow. This tool is great. Look how much spam it stopped from clogging up my blog.” Now that my spam filter has blocked 8,694 spammers, I have to ask, what is all the spam about? Its not like I have a whole lot going on here. Its just me and a couple of friends ranting about what's got our ilk up “today.” Who cares! Really. My spam blocker catches 99.5 percent of the spammers that trol … Read More

via GroundUp

Oregon Gov. Seeks to Replace State Boards of Education with Oregon Education Investment Board

Gov. John Kitzhaber (D) Oregon

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber presented his bill to the state legislature that, if passed, would establish the Oregon Education Investment Board, tasked with overseeing budgets from pre-kindergarten to university level schools. The new single board would replace the state boards of education.

Without a doubt, education funding and budgeting is complicated at every level. I wonder if lumping it all under one roof will make the process run more efficient, and more fair, or will it further complicate matters. According to Kitzhaber, “The state needs to move from a funder to an investor,” Kitzhaber said. And the money each program gets “needs to be based on outcomes rather than seat time.”

Definitely a business-like approach, focusing on results. That’s all fine and good. any good business-person is going to seek to get the best bang for their buck. But when dealing with education, we’re not dealing with business models, we’re dealing with children who come with a variety of needs and abilities. Will Kitzhaber’s new funding be able to effectively deal with all the issues that educators face? Is his new plan more of a one-size-fits-all? If it is, that won’t work.

So here’s my question to my readers. Do you think state education funding would work better at the state level thrown into one pot, or as it is now? Or, perhaps you have different ideas on funding. Please share.

At a news conference, he surrounded himself with every top education official in the state to tout his bill that would establish the Oregon Education Investment Board. The board would replace the state boards of education and higher education, and would oversee spending on all facets of learning. … “The state needs to move from a funder to an investor,” Kitzhaber said. And the money each program gets “needs to be based on outcomes rather than seat time.”

Kitzhaber pushes for 1 board to oversee education, pre-kindergarten through grad school | OregonLive.com.

Vice Pres. Biden, Sec. Duncan and others focus on Campus Rape

Officials also gathered in Hampton VA to discuss college campuses and sexual assault. A recent report showed one out of 10 women will be sexually assaulted on campus. Many go unreported.

Last week, American University students stage a protest sit-in on the University’s decision not to seek federal $300,000 in funding for a comprehensive sexual assault prevention program.

After failing to convince the administration to budge in a campus meeting last night, protests began in earnest this morning. The Department of Justice Violence Against Women Act grant would have been due today. [….]

After the protests, AU agreed in writing “work with students and the campus life staff to develop a comprehensive plan of action” on sexual assault over the next year, including holding an open forum to present that plan by Oct. 15.”

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Education 2010 New Website Updates

Education 2010 used to have its own social network. Not many people signed up like we have on our Facebook group. Facebook is free while our old network was not. Maintaining the network (which came with a monthly fee that wasn’t cheap) consisted primarily of scouring for spammers who need a live network where they can easily enter and set up their spam folders.

Facebook is an incredible social networking tool and we decided to keep our growing group, Education 2010, that is currently 700 members strong (we have a FB fan page but its no where near as popular as our group).  We closed our network and decided to stop helping spammers spread their ilk and launched a website.

The goal of E2010’s website is to be a resource tool with lots of links to valuable research and reports that focus on awareness and problem solving about sustainable education, as well as be a resource of tools and tips for students, parents and teachers.

Today, two new resource areas were added, NoDropouts and Race and Education. Stop by and check us out. And if you’ve got a website or any online tools you want to share, please drop a line to info@E2010.org and we’ll post it.

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