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Education 2010 New Website Updates

Education 2010 used to have its own social network. Not many people signed up like we have on our Facebook group. Facebook is free while our old network was not. Maintaining the network (which came with a monthly fee that wasn’t cheap) consisted primarily of scouring for spammers who need a live network where they can easily enter and set up their spam folders.

Facebook is an incredible social networking tool and we decided to keep our growing group, Education 2010, that is currently 700 members strong (we have a FB fan page but its no where near as popular as our group).  We closed our network and decided to stop helping spammers spread their ilk and launched a website.

The goal of E2010’s website is to be a resource tool with lots of links to valuable research and reports that focus on awareness and problem solving about sustainable education, as well as be a resource of tools and tips for students, parents and teachers.

Today, two new resource areas were added, NoDropouts and Race and Education. Stop by and check us out. And if you’ve got a website or any online tools you want to share, please drop a line to info@E2010.org and we’ll post it.


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