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Daily Archives: April 11, 2011

Non-tenured teachers getting layoff notices

Hundreds of Connecticut teachers have been warned they could get pink slips later this spring, leaving some parents worried about larger class sizes next fall and whether reform efforts might stall in their city schools.

State law requires school districts to notify non-tenured teachers by April 1 if there’s a possibility they could be laid off, but in stable budget years, those notices are later rescinded as budgets are settled.


Non-tenured teachers getting layoff notices – Connecticut Post.

Gov. Proposes A three-year college degree in Ohio

The Shortlist on Education Changes (Reform, in some cases, would be a stretch)

THREE-YEAR DEGREES: Ohio Governor John Kasich wants the state’s universities to offer a three-year degree program to make college more affordable, The Plain-Dealer reports. Students would have to squeeze in more courses during their time at school in order to satisfy degree requirements, much as they do today without an established three-year program. Ball State University in Indiana already offers three-year degrees for 30 of its 180 degree programs and Rhode Islandlawmakers approved a measure in 2009 to offer three-year degrees at both of the state’s public universities. Meanwhile, Kasich’s budget anticipates a 10.5 percent cut in higher education funding in the 2012 fiscal year, less than had been feared, followed by a 3.7 percent increase in 2013, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

A three-year college degree in Ohio?.

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