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Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Detroit Sends Layoff Notices To Every Public School Teacher | TPMMuckraker

Myrina Hibbler/Michigan Teacher

Detroit Sends Layoff Notices To Every Public School Teacher | TPMMuckraker. This is a must read!

As Reuters reports, a new law in Michigan gives Detroit Public Schools’ Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb the power to alter collective bargaining agreements and even fire elected officials if he believes it will prevent a financial emergency. And Bobb “fully” intends to use that authority, he said in the statement.

Detroit is certainly not the first school system to issue mass layoff notices. TPM reported in February of a similar case in Providence, Rhode Island. But the layoff notices, of course, are not very appealing to the teachers who receive them.

“We’re just being walked all over, when we are the ones who help educate everyone else to get to the positions they’re in, including the emergency financial manager,” Carla Henry, a high school special education teachers, told the Detroit Free Press. “It took a teacher to educate him.”

Dennis Walcott Cleared to Be Schools Chancellor – NYTimes.com

Dennis M. Wolcott | NYC School Chancellor

Dennis Walcott Cleared to Be Schools Chancellor – NYTimes.com Deputy Mayor Dennis M. Walcott was cleared Thursday by the state to become the next New York City schools chancellor.

The state education commissioner, David M. Steiner, granted him a waiver (see below) to compensate for his lack of traditional credentials that the state requires of schools chancellors and superintendents.

“Although Mr. Walcott has not completed all the education and experience requirements for a school district leader certificate,” Dr. Steiner wrote in his 12-page decision, “I find that Mr. Walcott’s exceptional record of successfully leading complex organizations, his deep knowledge of the New York City school district and the issues and challenges it faces, and the leadership qualities he manifests, warrant certification for service.”

City Hall officials said Mr. Walcott may not officially start in his new job until Monday.

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