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Tavis Smiley Discuses Alleged Inflated Test Scores with Michelle Rhee

Is this another attempt to simply attack Michelle Rhee or is there any truth to the allegations as laid out in USA Today’s article?

In an interview Tuesday with PBS’ Tavis Smiley, Rhee dismissed the USA Today article, saying that most of it focuses on one school that the investigating firm said required no further inquiry.

“We followed all the right protocol,” she said. “What I think is the unfortunate piece is often times, when the academic achievement rates of a district like D.C. go up, people assume that it can’t be because kids are actually attaining higher gains in student achievement but that it’s because of something like cheating, which in this case was absolutely not the case.”

Youth Rights Media

Spot light on New Haven CT’s transitional schools

One Nation March. Unity at its Best.

John Feehery (The Hill) wrote on October 4th, “Education as a wedge issue.” In the article, he references the maneuvers to fire Michelle Rhee, considered to be the last best hope for DC’s under-served students, especially African-American students. Clearly, as he explains it, education was used as a wedge.

And then there’s the One Nation Working Together march that brought unions, teachers, parents, clergy, business owners, students and a host of approximately 500 organizations and concerns that marched together and put education as a priority in this country: Read more of this post

Waterbury CT Makes the List of 100 Best Cities for Youth

On September 21, 2010, America’s Promise Alliance, chaired by Alma Powell, wife of former Secretary of State Collin Powell, announced the Alliance’s list of 100 best cities for young people on the National Mall in Washington DC.  Three of those 100 cities are Milford (only school on the list for 2009), Norwalk and Waterbury.  The goal of the Alliance in creating this list is: Read more of this post

Ludacris. Education Extremely Important in Music Business.

ATL star Ludacris in an MTV interview at recent a “Get Schooled” event talks about the importance of education in the music world, noting it is so much more than one’s talent, how well you sing, dance or act. And in the video below, how well you play sports.

“Education is extremely important, especially in my business, the music business,” Luda insisted at a Get Schooled event on Friday, where Keri Hilson and Read more of this post

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