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GOP Turns Back the Clock 90 years: Guts Child Labor Laws (via GroundUp)

This is why I am driven and forever vigilant.

GOP Turns Back the Clock 90 years: Guts Child Labor Laws While we're all glued to the news wondering whether in a matter of hours Republicans will succeed in shutting down the government, there's another equally sinister GOP effort underfoot; the erosion of child labor laws. In January 2011, Utah state Senator Mike Lee (R) (backed by the Tea Party) gave a lecture in Draper UT that included an int … Read More

via GroundUp


The Road to Success in Florida – A Great Example for Members Who Want to Make a Difference | StudentsFirst.org

Great example of what we can do when we unite around a great cause and take action.

“Last month we congratulated Florida for passing one of the country’s most aggressive education reform packages. The Student Success Act implements several measures that put students first. Read our previous blog post, “StudentsFirst applauds Florida’s passage of breakthrough education reform legislation”, for highlights of the new law.”

“Just before the final legislative vote, hundreds of members in Florida — including parents, educators and other concerned citizens — responded immediately to our call to action. Members rallied together so that state leaders knew exactly where they stood, as constituents, on education reform.”

The Road to Success in Florida – A Great Example for Members Who Want to Make a Difference | StudentsFirst.org.

NAACP Report – Misplaced Priorities, Over Incarcerate, Under Educate

State education officials resign; called “coincidence”

State Department of Education Commissioner David Steiner unexpectedly announced his resignation Thursday hours after New York City schools Chancellor Cathie Black abruptly quit, ending her short, tumultuous tenure.

Steiner had granted Black, a former Hearst publishing executive with no education management experience, the waiver she needed to become schools chancellor in the nation’s biggest city.

Over objections by advisers, Steiner allowed the waiver sought by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, only to see Black resign four months later.

Steiner gave no reason for his decision to leave his job by the end of the year but told The Associated Press that Black’s resignation had “zero” impact on his decision and his announcement.

“This is a coincidence, a bizarre coincidence,” he said.


State education officials resign; called “coincidence” – Corning, NY – The Corning Leader.

Bloomberg’s embattled New York schools chief quits | Reuters

Maybe Bloomberg should have hired someone for the job who had some kind of experience in education administration (government would be an added bonus).

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s embattled education chief has resigned just three months after taking the job, dealing him another political setback as his approval ratings fall in his third term.

Bloomberg had named former Hearst Magazines Chairman Cathie Black as schools chancellor in November 2010, a decision roundly criticized by teachers and parents because she lacked any experience whatsoever in either education or government.

“We both agreed it is in the city’s best interest if she steps down as Chancellor,” Bloomberg told a news conference. “I take full responsibility for the fact that this has not worked out as either of us expected.”

Bloomberg’s embattled New York schools chief quits | Reuters.

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