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Idaho Mountain Express: Education reform nears finish – March 30, 2011

While GOP 2012 presidential hopefuls stomp in Iowa focusing on home-schooling claiming public schools are brainwashing enclaves run by liberals, Idaho elected officials address education budget shortfalls looking to make running schools more inefficient.

Part of Idaho’s plan is to bring technology into the classroom, phasing in laptops for every student. No doubt, machines — no matter how fast they operate — can’t replace that special human element found in the teacher we remember for because they inspired us to be more and challenged our ability to go further. Hopefully, Idaho, despite its budget woes, will find a balance.


The purpose of the bill, Luna said, is to stabilize the public education budget in the “new normal economy,” in which less state funding is available for programs across the board.

“We cannot continue to cut more and hope for better days,” he said during the hearing on Tuesday. “We have to create better days.”

Luna and other supporters of the bill say it would make classrooms more efficient while addressing the problem of a potential $13 million shortfall in the education budget by fiscal 2013. Luna said much of the efficiency would come through the laptops and other technology to be implemented in Idaho classrooms, including the laptops given to every high school student by 2015.

Idaho Mountain Express: Education reform nears finish – March 30, 2011.

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