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House Leader Boehner Resurrects the D.C. Opportunity Program Vouchers

The GOP’s plan for public education is simple — get rid of it. They’re crushing public school teachers through union busting and proposals to raid retired teachers pension funds in a series of 744 bills in every state throughout the country. They also propose to eliminate the federal Department of Education by defunding it.

Parents and guardians are standing along side of teachers across the country ad are pushing back against these cuts. In a despicable effort to sway parents, Republicans’ answer is push the voucher system.

At a time when public school district budgets are being slashed and there is a highly contentious national debate about how to reform failing schools, this is one of the three “major proposals” of the education proposals in the 2012 budget proposal released today by the Republican-led House Committee on the Budget: reviving a voucher program in Washington D.C. public schools. [….]

Part of that proposal is to restore funding to the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. This controversial program gave publicly funded scholarships to low-income students to attend private schools and was defunded by the last Congress.

US Speaker of the House John Boehner (R)

House Speaker John Boehner pushed the House to pass legislation to refund this program, stating that the program allowed him to attend Catholic schools helping him to become the most powerful member of Congress. In resurrecting the D.C. Opportunity Program, Boehner says he wants to give low-income D.C. students the same opportunities he had.

I doubt very seriously that the Obama administration will allow this bill to pass and be signed into law. In my opinion, the GOP strategy is to use the D.C. Opportunity Program as a national model for other states to follow. And they will in the same way that they picked up the gauntlet on union-busting and anti-choice legislation. Watch for it.


Scary: GOP’s 2012 education priorities – The Answer Sheet – The Washington Post.

Speaking out for Texas public school teachers

In Finland, Singapore and other countries, teachers are treasured as are students in public schools. They are treated quite well because in those countries, their youth is definitely their future. Bob Ray Sanders in Texas feels the same way:

It makes me mad to hear people, most especially sanctimonious so-called leaders, run down our public schools.


I become even more riled when those bloviating windbags on talk radio and cable TV berate public school teachers as lazy, incompetent, dues-paying union sympathizers who only care about a paycheck and don’t give a hoot about children.


And when they label public school students as ignorant or otherwise “worthless” — a waste of taxpayers’ money — it makes my blood boil to the point almost of a volcanic eruption.

Speaking out for Texas public school teachers | Editorials & Opinions | Fort Worth, Arlington….

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