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Speaking out for Texas public school teachers

In Finland, Singapore and other countries, teachers are treasured as are students in public schools. They are treated quite well because in those countries, their youth is definitely their future. Bob Ray Sanders in Texas feels the same way:

It makes me mad to hear people, most especially sanctimonious so-called leaders, run down our public schools.


I become even more riled when those bloviating windbags on talk radio and cable TV berate public school teachers as lazy, incompetent, dues-paying union sympathizers who only care about a paycheck and don’t give a hoot about children.


And when they label public school students as ignorant or otherwise “worthless” — a waste of taxpayers’ money — it makes my blood boil to the point almost of a volcanic eruption.

Speaking out for Texas public school teachers | Editorials & Opinions | Fort Worth, Arlington….

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